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Fine Hand Made Cakes & Baked Goods


Wedding Cakes, Cup cakes, Sugar Flowers, Speciality cakes, Seasonal, Experts in Gluten free and special dietry needs....

Welcome to our website, we hope you enjoy the colourful selection of Fine Hand made Cakes and other baked goods. We aim to bring you the best in custom made goodies for all occasions - at very reasonable prices. So when the latest highly priced cakey fad has diappeared and something else takes its place, you will still be able to find beautiful baked produce traditionally hand made by a Bakers Daughter.





"As a bakers daughter, I grew up around the sights, smells and flavours of the kitchen. Without knowing it I was being schooled in the arts of a master baker. It was only natural then that at some point in my life I followed in my Fathers footsteps"


Mary - The Bakers Daughter

aaa patch star cake on purple 3 copy